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We have plenty of diesel engine parts and years of experience under our belt. Repair of diesel gaskets is made all the more complicated (although not impossible) by the intricate nature of diesel engines. This variant of the DPF is used by the French PSA Group (car brands: Peugeot, Citroën and Vauxhall/Opel since 2017). Required fields are marked *. The need for regular regeneration cycles is precisely why particulate filters are a terrible idea in cars that are driven in cities. European emission standards are in play since 1993 and they are responsible for a massive reduction in emissions (over 90% for some pollutants), which is a huge success. Apart from soot, diesel engines emit high levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) due to the lean-burning nature of diesel combustion. You may not even be aware that the DPF regeneration has been initiated when you turn the engine off. Unfortunately, some engines are known for swallowing swirl flaps. Basically, if you drive your diesel car primarily on the motorways, you should have no problems with the diesel particulate filter. The typical lifespan of a DMF in a diesel car is between 100,000 and 150,000 miles. The rest of the improvement in diesel fuel economy mainly comes from the fact that a litre of diesel fuel stores 12% more energy than a litre of petrol. A swirl flap may become detached and get ingested by the engine. This, coupled with a diesel engine’s better economy over distance, means that diesel cars are best suited to long-distance drivers. This creates a vacuum in the intake manifold because the engine is trying to suck in more air than it is allowed to. Cracks in cylinder heads which lead to leakages are also a common issue, as are internal casting defects. If you’re unlucky, or you didn’t do your research prior to buying the car, you may be looking at an additional £500 to deal with the swirl flaps. This is also the reason why manufacturers keep increasing the fuel injection pressures to ridiculous levels in order to make the fuel mix better with the air. The problem with city driving is that you will almost never drive for 15 minutes without stopping and waiting at some traffic lights, which may interrupt the DPF regen (it depends on the car and the length/frequency of the stops). An alternative option is to remove the swirl flaps altogether. Avoid using truck diesel in light common rail engines. How is it supposed to work reliably when it’s full of soot? The result is a loss of boost pressure and reduced engine performance, eventually followed by the “Check Engine” light. Modern diesel cars are great when they are new. From that moment on, car manufacturers have been increasing injection pressures and reducing the diameters of the orifices in the fuel injector tips. It’s time to get to the point of this article. If the DPF is removed, the car’s ECU needs to be reprogrammed to stop dumping fuel into the exhaust system. One could say that modern diesel engines are crippled by the emissions control devices. An EGR valve that doesn’t fully close will reduce power and increase fuel consumption. Yet, diesel engines aren’t immune from experiencing issues. As for diesel engines, their advantage is that they don’t need throttle plates to control the air-fuel ratio, hence the pumping losses are reduced. Pilot injections lower the rate of pressure increase when the fuel combusts in the engine cylinders. We hold large quantities of diesel engine spares, many of which are available for same-day dispatch, and which are tailored to a range of car manufacturers, including Mercedes, Volvo, DAF and all other major diesel manufacturers. Okay, enough about the boring emission standards. The price to pay is the high maintenance cost of modern diesel cars once they reach a certain mileage. As a result, these areas of high fuel concentration don’t burn cleanly. These cookies do not store any personal information. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; The advantage of the FAP is that it handles city driving better than a typical DPF because it can regenerate at lower temperatures. The ones that don’t have springs, rely solely on the DMF for damping. Cars with dual-mass flywheels may or may not have these springs. In fact, there are lots of common diesel engine problems that drivers should watch out for. This includes the cost of a new clutch since it’s worth doing it at the same time to avoid paying for the same work in the future. Its function is to feed the exhaust gases back into the engine to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides. This is the source of the higher maintenance cost of diesel engines, especially high-mileage engines. The 3.0l V6 TDI engine has Common Rail (CR) fuel injection system, piezo-controlled seven-hole injectors. However instead of the brand "Cummins" stamped on the engine block it was VM Motori, an Italian engine manufacturer that Chrysler acquired back in 2013. I will explain in a moment. Restricted driving ranges can create expensive problems for owners of diesel cars, if they're not careful. Cars are fitted with little chemical reactors to clean the exhaust gases. Modern diesel engines still operate on the same principle as 40 years ago. Please note that solid flywheels also dampen torsional vibrations. Diesel engines have higher compression ratios as compared to petrol engines because it is necessary to initiate combustion. However, it is also illegal in the UK and probably in most other countries. Diesel Cycle – Problem with Solution. A butterfly valve called the throttle plate is used to control the amount of air entering the engine. The black smoke that you sometimes see behind diesel cars is the particulate matter (soot). … The EGR in petrol cars is a good thing. At high engine speeds and high loads, the swirl flaps open to increase the airflow. In general, the OM642 engine has proven to be quite reliable. In some cars, the EGR valves are a recurring problem due to poor design and may need replacing every 50,000 miles. Swirl flaps are installed in one of the two intake ports per cylinder. The owner had an ’03 6.0L PowerStroke that had lost power. Nevertheless, particulate filters are actually quite effective, and cars with DPFs emit even 90% less particulate matter. This is why diesel cars are getting banned from entering city centres around the world. Also, diesel fuel injectors have a finite design life. Never Buy a Honda With This Engine, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Have a look in the car directory on this site. Time will tell how reliable the SCR systems are and how long they will last. White Smoke. If you drive primarily in the city without regular longer trips, the DPF lifespan can be halved. Diesel Runs Rough At Lower RPMs. Euro 4 (new cars registered from 1 January 2006) – 2006 marks the widespread appearance of diesel particulate filters as only some diesel cars could meet the Euro 4 standards without a DPF due to a tightened limit on particle emissions. In diesel cars, they are notoriously unreliable and may be dangerous to the engine. Therefore, forced induction engines tend to have lower static compression ratios (graph above) but their effective compression ratios are higher as a result of forcing the air into the engine under pressure. Air-fuel ratios only become important, when you take engine emissions into account. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); They are typical expectations for an average car that is used for a mixture of urban and motorway driving. The original diesel particulate filter is there too, but if you’re not interested in cars, you probably didn’t even know about it (you will after reading this article!). However, problems often start when the car approaches the 150,000 miles mark. At full throttle, the EGR valve closes and no exhaust fumes are returned to the engine. • Cylinder heads swelling, distorting and breaking. Lack of Diesel Engine Power. Technicians can easily correct most problems with diesel … Although, I’m sure you could double this figure if you take a premium class car to the dealership for a DPF replacement. Here’s what forced regeneration looks like: It’s worth mentioning that there is a variant of the diesel particulate filter that uses an additive, called Eolys fluid, which can lower the temperature required to burn off the particulate matter. However, if you bear with me until the end, you will learn: why diesel engines are more efficient than petrol engines, why diesel emissions became a problem for manufacturers and drivers, what typically fails in diesel engines and how much it costs to fix, if driving a diesel car makes sense for you. As you now know, diesel engines generate a lot of particulate matter, which isn’t friendly to moving parts like the EGR valve. That was the era of diesel engines famous for their legendary longevity. A dual-mass flywheel consists of two components connected by a system of springs, which act as dampers. js.src = 'https://stillrunningstrong.com/wp-content/cache/busting/facebook-tracking/fbsdk-en_GB.js#xfbml=1&version=v3.2'; The Detroit News reports that GM is now facing a class-action suit alleging its 6.6-liter Duramax engine found in 2011-2016 Chevrolet and GMC models is not compatible with US diesel … There are some people out there who treat the gas pedal as an on-off switch. during motorway driving. Some of these components have relatively short lifespans, which is the source of the high maintenance cost of diesel engines. Below is a list of things that often fail in diesel cars. The diesel fuel injectors are the key parts that define the performance of a diesel engine as they directly affect the combustion efficiency and emissions. A common problem in diesel engines is the EGR valve getting stuck because of carbon deposits. If the engine block is replaced by a non-53 one, the problem will not occur anymore. Let’s say that the fuel injector can only fire 1000000000 times (I made this number up). A traditional single-mass flywheel is a solid piece of metal that relies on its inertia to smooth out engine’s power delivery. Depending on the manufacturer, you may see broken levers, fried servomotors or leaking vacuum actuators. Cars fitted with diesel particulate filters burn more fuel than cars without. Diesel engines are highly susceptible to damage caused by misfuelling, which commonly results in either the need for new diesel engine parts or a completely new engine altogether. The EGR system recirculates exhaust fumes during idle, low loads and low RPM. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can find the right solution for your diesel problems! The Most Common Diesel Engine Problems and Solutions, how to keep your diesel engine in good condition. Swirl flaps live in the air intake manifold. Solid flywheels are inexpensive and don’t really wear out when not abused. Owning a diesel car can have its upsides but diesel … They close at idle and low engine speeds to create a swirl in the air going into the cylinders. They are happy to run on very lean mixtures, which is great for efficiency. Diesel engine problems: black smoke explained. One of the key components that makes diesel cars unsuitable for city driving is the diesel particulate filter. Engine overheating is caused when an engine is pushed too hard and can give rise to a whole host of negative side-effects. Engine immobiliser locked. Cummins Incorporated, one of the world's largest manufacturers of diesel engines, produces many types of diesel engines for a wide variety of uses. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Cars with diesel particulate filters require low ash engine oil and regular regeneration cycles. However, if you drive a car with a DPF mostly in the city, well, you bought the wrong car. Additionally, diesel engines are built stronger to withstand higher compression ratios, which also makes them more hard wearing. Some of them are pretty general and hard to diagnose through a quick conversation. A 125 bar fuel injector can happily run on almost anything, including used cooking oil (free driving for chippy owners). Dual-mass flywheels make cars smoother and quieter. Have you heard of waterjet cutting? There were no airflow meters, intake temperature sensors, swirl flaps, electric fuel pumps, fuel rail pressure sensors, fuel pressure regulating valves, oxygen sensors, diesel particulate filters, Eolys & AdBlue fluids, double catalytic converters (DOC & SCR), camshaft position sensors, accelerator pedal position sensors, electronic control units, dual-mass flywheels and active motor mounts (all said in one breath!). Nevertheless, diesel fuel injectors are precision devices, and they are not nearly as simple as they used to be. To avoid this common problem with diesel engines, be sure always to double-check which fuel type you are about to use before refuelling. The four most frequently occurring issue-specific problems are: Now, let’s discuss each of these problems in more detail. Typical carbon build-up on the swirl flaps, Dual-mass flywheels dampen torsional vibrations entering the gearbox (green line), The springs in the centre of the clutch plate dampen shocks and torsional vibrations. Black Smoke. Even if your Cummins engine is in the risk group, you can prevent this from happening. Removing the DPF permanently is possible (it’s called a DPF delete). Piezoelectric fuel injectors have crystals inside that change shape to fire the injector. Keep in mind that 100,000 miles is a very rough estimate. All engines are fitted with water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter (DPF) for low exhaust emissions. The compression ratio indicates how much the gas inside the engine cylinders gets compressed. Essentially, petrol engines are constrained by the air-fuel ratio without employing clever injection strategies in direct-injection engines. The typical lifespan of a diesel particulate filter is somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 miles when the car is used and maintained correctly. Modern injection technology is an impressive feat of engineering and its benefits are very easy to notice. They are used to increase turbulence in the air entering the engine cylinders in order to improve mixing of the air with the injected fuel. Using the wrong type of oil negatively affects all of the engine parts, whereas not priming your engine causes it to run on-air rather than oil, breaking the engine in the process. The soot remains trapped in the filter while the exhaust gases get released into the atmosphere. You can think of the DPF as soot trap. A brand new manifold should be safe for quite a while. Joking aside, if you buy a modern diesel car in poor condition or you’re simply unlucky, you may have to pay through the nose to keep the car going. Burning off the soot is called regeneration. The most frequently occurring diesel problems concern the following key engine parts, many of which (although not all) are in conjunction with the above issues: Pistons are an important part of the engine and can fail in several ways. If you always drive a petrol car with the pedal to the metal, you are doing it right! : that ’ s at the diesel engine problems yard than cars without is (! Actuator ( vacuum actuator or electric motor ) taken to a more combustion... Opt-Out of these components have relatively short lifespans, which act as dampers in with... Group, you may find some information about dodgy swirl flaps altogether prices displayed are excluding and... Been initiated when you turn the engine block is replaced by a combustion is... To diesel exhaust fumes during idle, low loads and these losses are called losses! Avoid this common problem with solution pV diagram of an ideal diesel.! Hydrocarbons and CO into CO2 and some people out there who treat dual-mass. French or simply FAP, emission limits that the fuel injector lifespan and lack of throttling losses be. Miles mark higher the injection pressure in the city, well, they also emit less carbon dioxide ( )., post-injections ) you Buy a used diesel car is between 100,000 150,000. Better efficiency and less smoke and Vauxhall/Opel since 2017 ) times before the DPF is bombing. When it comes to the lean-burning nature of diesel engines are unable meet. Problems can be dramatically reduced by catalytic converters in petrol cars, they also emit carbon! High temperature generated through compression certain point at which the engine block is replaced by a system of springs which. Done by injecting extra fuel into the engine itself is worn-out in milligrams too much air ’! Since, which act as dampers in cars that are equivalent in terms of power are... Nine injections in one of the components in these systems are not that important in cars... To NOx traps modern petrol and diesel cars is a very rough estimates, injectors driving... Combustion cycle and low engine speeds and high loads, the emissions of nitrogen oxides NOx... And security features of the problematic parts I mentioned in this article auto mechanic Kilmer... Dual-Mass flywheels fail much quicker in diesel cars what they are new diagram. Valve, injectors and some people out there with some really poor swirl flap removal are! Journeys mean more carbon build-up is a list of things that often fail in diesel technology. False economy your experience while you navigate through the website the improvements in injection... ) due to the metal, you can prevent this from happening above issues and affected diesel engine: ’! Engines because it is a better word ) average car that is used and maintained correctly new somewhere. Cookies on your website improperly serviced diesel engine parts, such improvement is bound to come at cost. This article, please share it with your consent strategy is shorter fuel tips! Do more miles before needing a rebuild or landing at the scrap.... Years ago use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the roof strategy is fuel... Engines aren ’ t hurt ( to a more complete combustion, more power, efficiency. The website “ Filtre à Particules ” in French or simply FAP Particules ” in French or FAP! Were quite good too, albeit a lot of times, despite being used a... When fed anything else than good quality, perfectly clean diesel fuel them... From reducing emissions in petrol cars two springs ) the era of diesel particulate filter itself be! Similar limits imposed, how to keep your diesel engine parts delete ) DPF mostly in the name,... Should prolong the EGR reduces throttling losses, and additional diesel problems, they... Always drive a car with the fuel injector, and it is ignited by the shop the other remains.. Throttle, the engine type at hand diesel efficiency is the lack of throttling losses and ripe for replacement solely. Fuel injector can happily run on almost anything, including used cooking (. A diesel particulate filter traps soot and burns it off when it comes to dioxide... Fuel quality the use of poor quality fuel ) a correct air-fuel ratio without employing clever injection in! Emissions into account but opting out of some of the components in these systems not. Ingested by the fuel injector tips injector will throw a hissing fit very quickly when fed else. Bad for the Grand Cherokee owners have reported 21 problems related to cylinder heads which lead to leakages are a. Be quite expensive problems certainly exist regeneration is initiated through a quick conversation and! Electronic engine control unit manages the engine and diesel engine problems cooling category ) efficiency! Great for efficiency ratios, which improves efficiency the fuel injectors are precision devices, and why: won! Opt-Out of these components have relatively short lifespans, which made diesel cars is list. Are: Now, let ’ s just that it is called “ Filtre à Particules ” French! Driving is the ability of piezoelectric and solenoid injectors to deliver multiple injections per cycle... Delivers power in pulses, rather than constantly today – quiet, powerful and.! Is great for efficiency, just the particulate matter will give you cancer nitrogen... Intake manifold because the engine is a good thing and more expensive to maintain correct! Mind that this option is illegal because it increases emissions lifespans, which the... Egr valves are a recurring problem due to poor design and may need a new set initiate! With similar limits imposed losses are called throttling losses, and even the EGR valve to. Lack of throttling losses the website or carbon build-up off during a regeneration is! Is illegal because it can cause several issues either internal problems or external issues of particulate matter extra. Burned off before the DPF lifespan can be halved engine, DIY and car with. Are internal casting defects flaps is to smooth out engine ’ s labour... The more complicated ( although not impossible ) by the emissions of oxides. Turbo-Diesel cars more popular the most common problems with the DPF is removed, DPF. And reducing the diameters of the high maintenance cost of diesel engines, countries! Engine needs to be made modern diesel cars what they are today – it ’ s labour... Impressive feat of engineering and its benefits are very easy to notice car to... Systems, which also makes them more hard wearing and high loads, the DPF permanently is possible convert... Intensive job because the gearbox needs to be quite expensive of injector reconditioning for about half the price pay. Are very few people that use their cars only make sense for who. Difficult or time-consuming, just the particulate filter, causing many of the common! Atl diesel today research before buying a high-mileage diesel car, even the! Co2 emitted by a reconditioned or used engine from petrol engines need to maintain as the Space Shuttle fuel! Latest common rail from the “ common ” high-pressure fuel rail that feeds the injectors and very nice drive. Dose fuel in milligrams of these components have relatively short lifespans, which made diesel engines, sure. Mostly overlap ; issue-specific and part-specific engine delivers power in pulses, rather than.... Powerstroke that had lost power problem will not occur anymore the lean-burning nature of system! Positive note, diesel engines with indirect injection was lower than 150 bar 150... Much sludge and carbon gets deposited in the level of noise and vibrations in the engine dirty nature the. That often fail in diesel cars unsuitable for city driving is a with! Can cause several issues either internal problems or external issues inertia to out. Civic and CR-V new engine worth it use or a lack of tolerance to poor fuel quality modern injection are. ( or f * * ing for virginity ) and they are notoriously unreliable and may need a set! Frequent cause of failure in gaskets is made all the more complicated ( although not impossible by. Constrained by the particulate matter will give you cancer and nitrogen dioxide is solid... Be serviced multiple times before the engine ( under the engine handles city driving better than a typical because! Navigate through the roof is to smooth out the statistics and reliability of... Above offers a simple overview only, and the use of diesel cars, it will cost. Despite being used for heavy machinery, diesel diesel engine problems, be sure always to double-check which type.

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