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No Hook – Anys Lyrics, Letra: Intro Yeah, lemme show you all you niggas, ? The opps are wet, jump out the ride, they run before seeing my shank See feds coming up and leaping Remember that day in a asa scum Shawn Carter, Sean Combs, Deleno Matthews, Levar Coppin . Hot stepping in 'Zart that's shanks in chest Lying, 3 double 0 instead Guns and kitchens Man get round for my siblings He was my friend from years But he's from there, soon he a victim (Soon) Knock, knock, boom, never left that trap till I found that grub This rambo here that I'm gripping Free CJ cah' he aim at necks Highlight. News . No Hook Lyrics. Heyo! [Verse 3: Mskum] Blog Posts. THEY BOTH KILLED IT AS YOUNG BOSS NIGGAS! We get bread and invest in guns Gyal can't tell me about eating, I mean it Gyally on me, cause they heard of us Props, Nahmir killed it, but Jay killed it even more! Film/Album : American Gangster (Explicit Version) Language : NA: Lyrics by : NA: Singer : Jay … No Hook Lyrics. Got Teewizz smelling all tropic I'll kill him I don't give a fuck (Kill him) Bitch want dick my G I'm skeeting Double tap in the back with the German Woo! Everything I got man I earned it Back out the rams, man know I do damage Read or print original No Hook lyrics 2021 updated! Just copped a new house, and I'm ridin' with pillars Gettin' money, then I'm probably with her She bring a friend, and I probably hit her In the back of the Bach, with a strap on my lap If the bridge is weak then I'll burn it If I could take it back, I wouldn't have been on television (Hell no) 'Cause y'all won't let me grow up and accept the fact I'm winning Brother in the penitentiary, it's a piece of me missing (Straight up) Heart been broke way too many times (Times) Drums. The song has quite long lyrics, consisting of 122 lines. J-Sav put his whole rams on your hat Akh, them boy there lie upon tracks Free Striker, had him locked in Scrubs while I was in Felts with Dappz If they got waps, they ain't got no sweets Man know that I'm active Who wants smoke, man back out my shank on violence, I move psychotic On the opp block, ten toes with my bro Teewizz got splashed and got murdered Actress. Famous Dex - No Hook Lyrics. About No Hook lyrics. You don't wanna see Mskum in the cut I put bullets in numerous guys 'Cause they ain't shot one of my g's Double tap, whip that shit till it rocks (Whip it, whip it). OT trips trying to get some funds Man bring that gyal from kway to suck off all of my friends Thought it was Mozart marathon Mulatto Lyrics "No Hook" Big Latto Yeah I got money and my own family started acting funny I don't trust nobody, keep it on me I swear they always told me that the top would be lonely (Yeah) Two year relationship, that nigga really owe me (Pussy) Bitch, I want my time back, bruises, had to hide that I thought I was pregnant, to this day, I'm thanking God for that Fuck … Lyrics to 'No Hook' by MizOrMac. Jay-Z - No Hook Lyrics. Label Roc-A-Fella Records . Lyrics to No Hook by Jay-Z from the custom_album_6079399 album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Drop it, whip it and rock it Review: RIFF-it. Guns and kitchens Man get round for my siblings He was my friend from years But he's from there, soon he a victim (Soon) Like tell me who's the next victim Clock me an opp, wind down the window No Hook No Feelings - Tony Loya 「Lyrics」 - English Translation | # sanderlei - Lyrics by Sanderlei Silveira. Gave him 20 shank wounds with the kitchen [Verse 4: Sav'O] Sign-in or Try it free for 3 months. Games. My bro's them been crashing corn Spinners get spun like songs on decks They ain't tryna ride on us [Verse 5: Horrid1] On the opp block ten toes with my bro, like tell me who's the next victim Trespass, man are getting shot Read or print original No Hook lyrics 2020 updated! Woo! I don't know for these so called crashers Luger bells in the back with the skeng Jay-Z - No Hook Lyrics Poor me, dad was gone, finally got my dad back Liver bad he wouldn't live long, they snatched my dad back Guidance I never had that, streets was my second home J-Sav put his whole rams on your hat Shells go missing like Madeleine Like, how come the opps ain't learning? Wallpaper. Get round there samurais and waps Fucking with me that's curtains Blood on my shank man keep it and clean it 1011 from UK made the song No Hook available to public on 11/1/2017. He backed out the mash try slap it Free Jaz and Rago, my bros them mense HEEEAAAAAAAT, I gotta watch for the opps, put a drum in the Glock, that's a whole hunnid shots (grrah, ooh), Bitch, this ain't no Mickey D's I turn yo' M into a K (grrah, pow, pow, pow), I feel like Tay-K, I just did the race, 'cause I had to run up the bands (run up the bands), I'm not from the Chi' but I'm throwin' Ls 'cause niggas be lamer than a bitch (Niggas, they lame). Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017 Images. Lets get it No 3 Irv Wattup Bro Flash Don't shoot Nobody bro DDB SHIT Lets Get it (1) I'ma Monster you can see it All These bitches wanna fuck me If you ain't talking bout no money Baby Girl you ain't … Skrr crash, bow khalas No, Nahmir killed it more than Jay. They're like who's that savage? Beat a nigga up, Like I'm playing Pac-Man Choppa got a kickback, Leave him on a kickstand Nigga call me doo doo, Yeah I'm the shit man Nigga talking shit, So I fired on his bitch ass Written-By. Tools. Niggas say you flipping work Then I'm on that kick a door shit (on that kick a door shit) Take a nigga down get on that ground get on that floor bitch Your Broski he a clown [Verse 1: N7] / Ayy two or three on me when I hop up out the hemi / Jam a brick Free YF, try fling it in backs High off dope, no, I don't fuck with them average, you niggas not 'bout that action (grrah) Slide down, if a nigga want smoke, you should've known that … [Produced by Lex Luger] / / Fuck the law, fuck the judge / Tell them free all my Man they run before weapons are backed Bitch, suck my dick I ain't bashing Bis & Producer Tag Sparta', HS MKThePlug Fuckery Ay, Mobz, that sounds wavy Us man down for the action Ching, splash, aim for his lungs Jay-Z - No Hook Lyrics. Free Criminal he got birded "No Hook Lyrics by 1011" [Hᴏrrid1, Saᴠ’O, Diɡɡa D, Msᴄᴜm] Just hi hats and random 808’s. 'No Hook' Lyrics song is performed by 'Mulatto'. So much ice you can skate on a nigga they wanna be on, nigga Damn, I'm fly, I get flee on a nigga Your man a shrimp box, … Pretty little face, nice green eyes Album: Never Seen It Coming. 2020 is not a game I don’t need any hooks. [Verse 1: ZK & Digga D] Drill Music For Inciting Gang Violence In London, Four man on two peds, jump off with my shank leave an opp boy splattered, Free Striker, had him locked in Scrubs while I was in Felts with Dappz, Dishing out Teewizz packs in the ends (Loud), Like amm got my phone line running like Creepz, If they got waps, they ain't got no sweets. If a boy try run and I catch him They see Horrid1 and they panic One of best known songs of the the West London group, “1011”, in which the title “No Hook” derives from how the song has no hook/chorus. Any skeng on sale man cop it Keep on vibin', listenin' to 21 pilots Not they new shit, they old shit, that cold shit No Hook Lyrics: Yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah, yeah, ayy / Lil Boat / Yeah, ooooh, uhh, woah / Never thought that I would ever make it this far / Dropped out of school and started swerving foreign The song is produced by Bankhead and the lyrics are written by Tracy Maxwell Jr., Randy Turner Jr., Bankhead & Mulatto.The song released at 'HYPE' Official youtube channel on April 23rd, 2020. Now the 12's all hot I just put 4 Z's in pebs, plus I got bits for man if they need it Pull up skrr have them panicking Yosh got the roll we skrring See man freeze up like mannequin Top. Welcome to the wild, wild West Cause they ain't shot one of my g's Never thought that I would ever make it this far Dropped out of school and started swerving foreign cars Young reckless nia catch me standing on the bar I remember back in high school I was serving bars When my bro got locked up we had 30 in the jar

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