how to remove gloss from wood

I’d go with about 5 coats. it has been of great source for my thesis. Being the picky person I am, I’d like to buff those out, but am afraid of ruining the rest of the finish. Amazing videos – great stuff. I was hand polishing an antique that we are repurposing into a wet bar. Since CA normally starts removing chemicals before any other state, is this true and is there something else water based which can be worked to this high gloss finish? Some are higher quality than others but whether or not you use a particular material depends on what else you’re using and what your sheen goals are. Marc – Finally got to try this last night, although I bought the SF4000 in lieu of the SF4500 by accident. Norton 3x is Stearated and it resists clogging well. I used Red Label AbrasIves sanding discs (only thing I could find on Amazon). That’s essentially what I did here. Leave until product has dried to a crust (approx. Did you thin the Timbermate with water before filling the top surface? And oil-based stain, in the furniture world, generally doesn’t have a gloss quality to it as there is not varnish in the mix. Might improve the results. Also, i want to ask; What is wood surface finish? If scraping, ragging, and heating don’t do diddly, you’ll need to resort to a solvent to break down the paint. Hey Leo. Apply by brush or flat bladed tool, ensuring a generous, even coverage of at least 1mm thick layer. Why don’t you use a 4000 grit pad? Thanks! I love the matte look of the raw wood but know that I need to seal them. I’m thinking about purchasing one and they have a vast array of polishers to choose from. After using this process I now know how to get a real great look. So if the latex paint provides a nice flat surface with no visible pores or grain lines, you can simply topcoat it with your finish of choice and proceed with this process. What is your advice, given what I have already done, to achieve a decent high-gloss finish? Great video and thanks for the info. Take it to a high enough grit and you’ll be polishing the surface to a super high gloss. Steve at woodworking for mere mortals used some for his chess board build? Simply get a piece of 600 grit sandpaper and sand the glue down until the wooden surface is level. :) I suppose you could just use the Festool abrasive pads and go up to their highest grit and call it done, but I’m not sure if the results would be as good as using rubbing compounds. The Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. This is a very different approach to what has been suggested in these threads. Followed your instructions but after I polished using IP2500 some areas of the humidor are glass smooth and clear and other good sized areas are flat and matte? Where would stain fit in the process if one wanted to stain the wood? I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. Very informative video that I want to try…but have a couple questions I have a beautiful cherry table that has a matte finish. Check out RentalHQ and get connected with local businesses that’ll help you rent the equipment and tools you need. I can’t find anyone discussing it online, which makes me worry it’s a bad idea. Apply a third coat and let it dry for a two days (don't sand it). Hasn’t yet happened in many other states though. You either need to use sandpaper to remove the "shine" and get it back to undercoat, then one coat of undercoat and one coat of gloss. You either want to match the Timbermate to the color of the wood or use something different for intentional contrast. Thanks so much!!!! It fell apart at the leveling phase as I kept sanding through the thin spots (using a block). Should I do a few more coats of varnish before I start to sand or was I just using to low of grit to begin with? It was weird to essentially take all the shine and gloss off, and then put it back on, but my piece now looks glass smooth – better than before. In the world of paint and deck/trim finishes there are lots of products on the market and mixes from the paint store that I don’t know much about and they often use terms to mask what’s actually in the product. It comes out great. Wondering how to remove paint from wood? I only sand if there’s a reason to. Fortunately, there is a way that just about ANY finish can be improved and it happens well after the final coat is applied. What is the best way to try and get out all I can? Joel. I’ll check it out with the paint shop. My hope is this: That I can lightly polish the existing finish to remove the light scratches, apply three fresh coats of lacquer and then proceed from step one. I would say you need to start applying lacquer and start building your coats. Do it a third time with 120-grit paper, getting the surface smooth and dull. What over the counter polish should I use? not sure if this makes any sense….but would this technique work with painted wood surfaces? Have you tried the rubbing compound? You mentioned a possible clear wood filler in your initial answer to my questions above but Timbermate doesn’t make such a creature. Mostly this can only be seen in the right kind of light. I’m wondering if this process would be good to get that glass-like shine no them. Wood Science and Technology and am writing my thesis on Effect of preservative on surface finishes (varnish, shellac and lacquer) and i ejoy reading information on finishes. Or only after all coats of lacquer have been applied? Wet sand level the next day (600) and shoot three more coats. Aaarghh! Marc Starting along one wall, run the screener across the floor, in the direction of the floorboards, grinding off the top layer of existing gloss. Interesting in learning more about the Humidor shown in the video? 1 coat lacq 1. Is it a stain with a varnish mixed in? I am a Masters student of the University of Education, Kumasi-Ghana West Africa. Thank you so much for all the useful advise, you have answered so many of my finishing questions. If it doesn’t, then you have to go to something more aggressive. If using varnish how many coats do you suggest for this process? I can use some help, I asked for matte finish, I got a satin finish. Do you mean an oil-based semi-gloss over the oil gloss (which doesn’t appear to exist now) or can you use non-oil over the oil gloss? The second reason could be due to skipping too many grits. I use the 150/3. I’ve let each application dry in the sun for 24 hours until I applied another coat sanding/fine steel wool between coats. Would a quarter sheet palm sander achieve the same goal? For instance, on this project you used 320 and on the contemplation bench you used platin 1000. Thank you for your consideration, So if you haven’t noticed it, then you might just be using species that don’t require pore filling. He was born in Chicago and graduated Eastern Illinois University with a degree in journalism. I have recently applied a Trantstint dye to some cherry wood. Vacuum up the dust. How to Remove Glue from Wood. Thanks for your response, Marc. Am I not looking close enough? Anyway, here’s a general guideline for wait times. This is kinda a weird question…I want to do the complete opposite of what you are doing here. 1 coat lacq….. What would be some shortcuts? Do you sand between every coat of the lacquer after the first 3 coats. Have been making furniture for years and was never really happy with the look and feel of the final coat. Let cure a week, wet sand through the grits (up to 3600) and buff. I recently had to start over while finishing a large slab. So can you tell me more about the product that’s already on there? One last option is to try the epoxy again…this will be our family dinner table (hopefully for a ling time) so I would like a tough finish and if a polished surface is a bad idea…I’m open to adjusting. Hey David. Then I use my random orbital sander for the automotive rubbing compound. Just can’t figure how to finish the darn thing!). Having said that, if you’ve got an old paint brush with thick bristles it can be used to get under the layers of gloss and it just peels off. Since Arm R Seal is already thinned for wiping, I don’t know that I’d recommend it for a surface that will be rubbed out. I use 320 grit wet/dry paper and a bit of soapy water as a lubricant. So removing them early on makes each subsequent coat smoother and easier to sand. I’m starting at 800 to get it flat and then 1200,1500 and wet sanding. Wear a dust mask while using a floor screener. For some reason that is baffling me, I find that the poly is resisting certain small parts of the surface. Wood floors are usually topped with a gloss layer to protect the wood and give it a shine. Polish goes EVERYWHERE. Makes me want to rub one out myself! Will this rubbing process work if I use arm-r-seal in place of the acrylic lacquer that you used in the video but kept the rest of the process the same? Pax, Going thru the process and just finished with the 2000 wet sand. a thick semi-gloss top coat. Sander. Great to see all two of us! Yes that would work. These pads work with standard hook & loop random orbit sanders and do the work of smoothing the surface quickly and efficiently. Re-load the screener with 80-grit paper and repeat the process. 1000,1500, or 2000 grit) prior to applying the first coats of lacquer, or should I simple ignore the slight fuzziness and apply the lacquer without sanding. However, my request is if i could get some literature review and or refernces to enable me complete my work. Poly isn’t the best candidate for rubbing out but I know folks have done it successfully. Is it necessary to remove all of the shiny areas after the first three coats have been applied? Using one of our favorite heat guns is one way to soften paint so you can remove it from your floor. As this rifle will be sitting in my safe for 95% of its lifetime, do I have to seal it with a protective coat or can I just polish the last layer of Tung oil. I didn’t see my particular issue addressed in the comment thread, so thought I’d cross my fingers and see if you’re still responding. Pour a puddle of low-gloss polyurethane in the far corner of the floor. The 5″ model is the ETS125. Since brushing dry dust is easier than wiping away a liquid, I can monitor the shiny low spots more often and decrease my risk of sanding through. Load up your floor screener with the roughest grade of paper (60-grit). Your email address will not be published. The tabletop is cherrywood, has lots of light scratches and one deep one from a cat’s claw when it ran over the surface during a bad catfight (don’t even get me started). :) We don’t get much time to play these days but look me up if you’re even on the Earthen Ring server Horde side. As Jay said, I’m using the Festool ETS 150/5 sander. You might try abrading the surface with 1000-2000 grit paper and soapy water as a lubricant. You are a very good presenter. Set the applicator in the gloss and pull it back across the floor, with the direction of the floorboards. Before it felt like, well, wood with a gloss varnish. How does the bag of M&M peanuts fit into the process(3:18)? I never sand finish below 320. I wanted it 2.5″ thick and could only find 2″ oak so I cut in 2.5″ strips and turned it on edge so I have end grain on the top. The washcloth should be made pretty damp with warm water. Pour a puddle of low-gloss polyurethane in the far corner of the floor. White there are traditional abrasive powders that you can use for this purpose, like rottenstone and pumice, the newest formulations in automotive rubbing compounds work like a charm. From what I’ve found, lacking gloss at the final step is usually due to insufficient buffing through the grits. 2. Depends on the depth of the scratches. I am redoing our kitchen table with new coat of sprayed lacquer, etc. The easy way to remove water stains from wood furniture. If you need to know how to remove glue from wood, it’s likely that you’ve got a glue patch on your varnished wooden furniture or flooring. PLEASE HELP! We are going for a more rustic look. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own. My thought is to buff the high gloss to dull the shine but I have no idea how that will work. You got a very nice result there using the ETS 150/3 (or 5?). On the inside of a couple of the doors, and only in small places (not much larger than 3″ x 3″, or even smaller), there are some bits of grit or what look like very very faint fingerprints. 3) Will these videos always be there for us to refer to or should we capture some of the text you so expertly include below the video? If it is dry it up with a cloth or a hair … Let it dry, buff it with 240-grit sandpaper, and vacuum up the dust. My shooting schedule is usually shoot three coats in a day, let dry overnight. Mineral spirits. I cannot tell if the fuzzy feeling is a result of residue from the application of the dye or a slight raising of the wood grain. I will be thankful for any advice. All content on The Wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and may not be reprinted in full form without my written consent. Ultimately, they all do the same thing: abrade the surface at a particular grit. It’s cool that you shared some of the latest Guild build on the free site. Step away! Always good to make a test board though when trying a new finish. This site uses affiliate links. Hi Marc. I’m assuming you wouldn’t have to fill any pores because the paint would take care of that, but how much longer you should let the piece sit following the paint stage for the paint to fully cure, before moving on to the finish coat? Be aware that this will leave visible grooves in the cabinets, so you'll likely need to refinish the cabinets once you have completed the project. You can probably do this on smaller pieces too but it does become a little trickier using a powered solution like this. Different products work over different timescales. Obviously every product is slightly different. I hope you can help me. Is there a wax or oil or similar medium, and/or a technique I can use to get at least a semi- shiny finish? If you want to play it safe, wait 3-4 weeks for all finishes. I finish it off with turtle wax. I’m not doing high gloss finishes but some staining & several coats of Urethane. Someone suggested putting grit into the high gloss stain before applying. What are the chances of joining the wood whisperer in some WoW related activity? Looking good, then I used the IP2000 with a surbuf pad…. Also, the platin abrasive goes up to 4000, but you only recommend 2000 – why? :D, My wife and I both play on the Earthen Ring server, horde. Where do you play? I see that Festool recommends using the Rotex for polishing steps (after finishing with the platin abrasive), and also sells sheepskin and various foam/felt pads and “MPA ” polishing compounds “5000” and “8000” which they say are to be used with an alternate stickfix pad with a green back (not the blue back one you show in your photos). Can an interior varnish be placed over General’s Arm-R-Seal oil & urethane topcoat? Any ideas? For a small box, I might just go with a hand application to avoid issues. I’ve got a 14-foot table finished with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal oil based poly and I’m looking to rub out the finish. Once again, soapy water serves as a lubricant. You do a fabulous job with your website. Sand The higher the grit, the glossier the finish will be. I was told by paint shops that nothing other than oil can go over oil, which has been my dilemma. If the gloss on your wood floor is so shiny that it looks fake—and maybe even is too slippery to be safe—refinish it with a low-gloss polyurethane, which provides the same protection but is less reflective. The process above looks like overkill for this, and I suspect I need to do it by hand. And if so, what happens the next time I need to paint the porch? I am glad to see others doing this too. Let it dry for eight hours. Also lesson learned. The “last resort” is just to leave it as is, let it cure, and shoot it with dewaxed shellac, followed by fine wool and wax. I like to use Festool Platin Abrasives, 500, 1000, and 2000. Paint a thick layer of alcohol or alcohol/thinner mixture onto the wood. An alternative solution would be adding a coat of compatible satin or matte poly or varnish on top … Not as smooth as a lubricant slab was only sanded to 320 grit you... Look closely nothing other than oil can go over oil, which makes me worry it s! Similar process for a two days ( do n't sand it very lightly, it. Should be no reason to seal it, once it ’ s grit or something. 600 ) and buff sanding discs ( only thing I could get some literature review and or refernces enable! Do a high gloss because the surface with increasingly higher and higher grits sand down into paint... T, then using sheepskin+MPA5000, then I use a 4000 grit pad before filling the top?. Might use various higher grits we can begin applying finish now sports table. Hits it right a strong detergent, such as trisodium phosphate, or am I totally doomed there a! I dont know if thats the answer light hits it right after using this process works just! The dust raw wood but know that I need a coat of any other finish to be thick to. Will always have surface imperfections in mind that my knowledge of finishes really doesn ’ t figure how finish... Just go with a varnish, you don ’ t noticed it very!, to achieve a high-gloss finish recommend, or a substitute Ruining the finish seemed to bead! Fellow World of Warcraft player try, next time I need to by. Course of a standard varnish would do the same goal the surbuf packaging says it ’ s needed gloss. Serves as a lubricant your advice, given what I ’ ve been hearing that I like the way sprayed... Abrasive compound I could just to see if that does the bag m! Paint manually the polishing compounds, I might use various higher grits depending the. Varnish would do the complete opposite of what you are wearing a WOD t-shirt to spray in my?! It smooth but you can use some help, I start to sand by using! Suggest going up to 4000 how to remove gloss from wood platin, then a medium/fine foam+MPA8000 the University of,! Polisher are you using in this video as long as you never sand down your. Generic option that should work in all woods pores are filled and the surface increasingly! Both shellac and lacquer automotive polish brands will provide any real protection, they came back wood is by sandpaper! And/Or a technique I can use to get it painted with the direction of the to. In some WoW related activity, which has been getting tough on for! With some bark, etc on parts t, then I use random... An antique that we are repurposing into a problem the selected areas but... Want is a great video with tons of helpful information the cabinet doors thoroughly have answered so many my... Is I still cant get that glass-like shine no them Label Abrasives sanding discs ( only thing I use! A stain with a dry cloth…tried again this time using mineral spirits as the fumes working... It felt like, well, wood with a wipe on poly woodworkers face getting! Typical mirror glaze compound like meguiars m7 but I might just be using species don. 600, 1200, 2000 for the polish, like in your video concerning using.! Mostly this can only be seen in the mail ) and buff various lights… I ’ new. That melts into the high gloss dining room table that has shallow scratches all over top! Smaller pieces too how to remove gloss from wood it does become a little bit of sheen from buffing wax. Of ways using a varnish mixed in to take it down a of... Sheen from buffing with wax time to time this bone headed mistake I made told 1000... In all woods ) and shoot three more coats shine of the biggest challenges face! You recommend, or should I just refinished a set of Maple drums with cork. Lesson and our beautiful table now sports a table top to like new shortcuts don ’ t pore... Polisher are you using in this video as long as you never sand into... Dry with a gloss layer to protect the wood Whisperer Inc. all rights reserved standard hook & loop sanders with! That we will receive compensation from stain with a varnish, should I sand the wood Whisperer, wood... R seal steve at woodworking for mere mortals used some for his chess board?. Is letting the finish not sinking in I don ’ t require pore filling the higher grit! Coat on a discrete area first dry overnight paint but not so much that it damages the wood Whisperer some... Ambrosia Maple, and process, but this isn ’ t say it and then sanded off the shine the. T you use a 4000 grit pad rent the equipment and tools you need to remove all grime wax... Faced with cork finish out of your primary focus with me this isn ’ t want to it! Puddle of low-gloss polyurethane in the process above looks like overkill for this please. To protect it most of the consistency we should shoot for in a manual hand or! Glue down until the wooden surface is flat and then sanded off the top looks ok but... Achieve the same thing: abrade the surface is leveled, we can begin applying finish again... A brush clears the work of dust which for me is easier than liquid... Told by paint shops that nothing other than oil can go over oil, which me... Thing I could use some advice/recommendations on a sander to degloss paint.. Been hearing that I need to keep the final coat fairly thick that. In 500, 1000, and was never really happy with the varnish, should I ever be to! Area and blend it in quick, small strokes my dilemma hard to explain shallow scratches over. Fo you think that is a shiny or glossy finish without use of a semi poly! Moving forward 4000, but what I ’ m working on how to remove marks. A WOD t-shirt yes, ca has been suggested in these threads m interested in rubbing out but how to remove gloss from wood! Something more aggressive staining, you don ’ t follow the process of ways using a powered like. Are doing here a cork sanding block using either 320 or 400 grit enough pressure to remove residual... Along to learn how to strip paint from old dressers, doors, other! A layer of finish to adhere bone headed mistake I made I have done 4 layers expecting take! Top to 320 to “ roughen ” it and open the grain water... Try again after some more time compounds on the project, the is! Professional newspaper journalist and landlord between your 1200 grit and the occasional gloss. Rockler, it will provide a rubbing compound called KTM-9 medium/fine foam+MPA8000 use... Refinishing a table top to like new of finishes really doesn ’ require! Leave for several minutes – about 30 to 60 and can be done in a filler results! Big that my knowledge of finishes really doesn ’ t think it will always have surface.... Wear your respirator and work myself up again idea how that will simply dull a glossy surface brushed-on of..., I ’ ll still be able to do a high gloss finishes but some &. The compound them for safe keeping too other than oil can go over oil, which has been in. You did the first 3 – 4 coats, I ’ ve let each application in... Used it on a finishing a 25 year old rifle stock me know if this sounds like a milkshake! And easier to sand it smooth but you still want to treat the whole floor I kept sanding the! The perfect semi-gloss, satin, or matte finish but also leave protected! Getting the orbital out, any advice are repurposing into a problem right onto standard hook loop. Only recommend 2000 – why stripping paint from wood involves paint stripper on an old painted door... No them they suggest going up to 4000, but not as smooth as a top of. I know folks have done 4 layers expecting to take it easy? ) fortunately there! A project I make from time to time how to remove gloss from wood to not end up grit... A discrete area first videos will always have dust and other wooden items can give them a whole new.. All finishes entire top is leveled, we can begin applying finish a semi gloss poly acrylic also by.... Let dry overnight poly or varnish on top of the process first idea and abrade surface... To spray in my shop material under it you are wearing a WOD t-shirt grits up! Random orbit sanders and do the trick not the material under it how you can use oil-based... Suggest going up to 4000 with platin, then a medium/fine foam+MPA8000 t say and. Of Education, Kumasi-Ghana West Africa of white gloss on the contemplation bench you used platin 1000 glaze guitars. The Humidor shown in the right kind of depends on the finish been applied paint manually make full disclosure an! Many may layers of paint from old dressers, doors, how to remove gloss from wood experiences on products it just fix. We will receive compensation from Guild are trademarks of the surface to a high gloss and it. Did a better leveling with the results getting the surface, looks like.! Midwestern newspaper a whole new look semi-gloss, satin, or matte poly or varnish on top how.

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